About The Historic Martin Tower Ballroom

The Ballroom was, and still is, an elegant meeting attraction. Now part of an apartment living building the Martin Tower Apartments and Ballroom traces its footsteps from its past. The Martin once operated a historic hotel, a fine restaurant, a model cafeteria, an attractive barber shop, a valet shop and a cigar stand by the hotel, as well as the several subleased shops occupied by a drug store, a shoe store, a haberdashery, a cigar store, a jewelry shop and a floral shop. Not to mention the ballroom where many a wedding and weekend dance took place. In those days it took two hundred employees to operate and maintain in this metropolitan hotel a standard of service that is recognized the world over.

The Martin was a unit in the "Hospitality Chain" of the Eppley Hotels Company (E. C. Eppley, president), which also operated the Fontenelle in Omaha, the Carpenter and Cataract in Sioux Falls, the Lincoln in Lincoln, the Montrose in Cedar Rapids, and the Lincoln in Scotsbluff, Nebraska. To the stranger it was the very personification of the hospitality of the west.


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